Catalysts Pioneering Change

Moving people from awareness, to action, to a measurable impact in reaching the least reached around the world.


We value family by including the entire family, parents & children, in events such as conferences, travels, staff functions, and ministry opportunities and by creating a tribal atmosphere with intentionally having a multi-generational workplace.


We value genuine relationships in a transformational attitude first before transactional duties with unifying, God-honoring, authentic, collaborative relationships by making the friendship more important than the task at hand.


We value quality of life both within and outside ministry activities by taking time together to laugh, play.


We value quality, excellent and tangible outcomes, both corporately and personally, through strategic and focused tasks to not just create a good looking result but a lasting impact.

YWAM Emerge

YWAM Emerge is a team of catalytic leaders committed to seeing the least reached people of the world reached. Through serving proven leaders across the globe our mission is to find innovative solutions to engage these people.

Underlying Principles

Underlying Principles (How we function)

  • Co-creation: Through an innovative atmosphere, we create together which brings about an ownership of new initiatives.
  • Facilitate vs. Tell: Instead of instructing people of what or how to do something, we coach towards a successful outcome.
  • Flexible & Adaptable: Our team adjusts and changes as current opportunities shift and situations arise.
  • Asset vs. Needs:  Our field assessment process looks for opportunities to engage current assets instead of trying to bring an outside fix to a need.
  • Ownership vs. Dependency: Every goal of ours focuses on accomplishing a success of ownership instead of creating a dependency on aid. 
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: When a job needs done, we work hard to finish it, but when the job is complete our play is just as intense and fun.


Donation Information

Per IRS guidelines, all contributions to YWAM Emerge are income tax deductible and made with the understanding that YWAM Emerge has discretion over the use of funds. Every attempt is made to honor a donor's designation of gifts. Emerge acknowledges and receipts all gifts either monthly and annually.

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